Exhibitor Overview


Standard Sound Room: $2,700 regular

February registration: $2,300 (5 available)

March registration: $2,400 (7 available)

May registration: $2,600 (7 available)

June registration: $2,700 (7 available)

26 Rooms remaining.


Standard Display Booth – Building IV / CAS Registrar

Ballroom for headphone products and vinyl sales

Two 6′ x 30″ long tables


Four 6′ x 30″ long tables


Eight 6′ x 30″ long tables


[Updated 2/22/2018]


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• Hilton Oakland Hotel Floor Plans
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New Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the California Audio Show (CAS). We look forward to welcoming you as part of the CAS Experience. For more exhibit details or other inquiries, please Contact Us.

Email: info@caaudioshow.com
Phone: 510.734.4854

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Hilton Oakland Hotel Floor Plans (click to enlarge)

Hilton OAK, Building IV & V


Building V, 1st Floor


Building V, 2nd Floor


Building V, 3rd Floor


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Standard Sound Room

Dimensions: 18.5 feet long, 13.5 feet wide, 9-foot ceiling
Cost: $2,700


Building V houses 39 large and Standard Sound Rooms on three floors:

1st Floor – 7 large and medium sound rooms.

2nd Floor – 16 Standard Sound Rooms.

3rd Floor – 16 Standard Sound Rrooms.

A Sleeping Room is preserved between every two Standard Sound Rooms. No two Sound Rooms will share the same wall. 3rd Floor Standard Sound Rooms will not be directly above any 2nd Floor Standard Sound Rooms.

Note: Does not include WiFi or special furniture removal. Extra chairs provided at no charge. Please inquire for any special needs.
Room number to be assigned by CAS to Registered Exhibitors.

For room assignment or other questions:
Call or Text: 1.510.734.4854

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CAS8 Logos


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ASC to provide free Tube Traps to CAS8 Exhibitors. Please call for more information.
Phone: 1-800-ASC-TUBE (272-8823)

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