I’m joining CAS because it is the right size. Going to big shows is like going to Disneyland, there’s just too much to see.” -Brian Ackerman, Aaudio Imports.


Regional shows such as CAS create an intimate setting that provides the opportunity to meet and serve music lovers on a personal basis and provide custom recommendations for their desires, tastes and circumstances.” – Julian Margules, Margules Group.


I like S.F. Yeah, the people, having time enough to share music, talk, and generally enjoy the social experience.” – Sean Casey, Zu Audio.


Meeting the public, both old customers, many of whom have been with us since the previous company ‘Threshold’ in the early 70’s, and tomorrows potential customer as well.  Audiophiles as a whole are a pretty diverse and interesting lot.  At the larger shows, the pressure of formal meetings and planned demos do not really allow the luxury of extended  quality time with our guests.” – Kent English, Pass Laboratories.


We like to meet the users and many of them cannot afford the time and warrant the expense to go to the larger shows, so we support shows like this.” – Damon Gramont, Bricasti Design.


With a smaller show, we have the luxury of time to share the music that we love. It is impossible to properly assess any gear with a 10 second clip of one track. You ideally need to be able to listen to a range of music and take the time to immerse yourself in the musical performance. Otherwise, all you are doing is hearing the sound, you need to take the time to listen to music.” – Gary Koh, Genesis Advanced Technologies.


[CAS] gives us direct, unfiltered access to our target customers. It lets them hear our gear and ask questions. We also get great feedback.” – Jeff Haagenstad, Exogal.


No matter if the audio shows are large or small, it is important that shows exist because retailers are far and few.” – Alan Fong, Syncopation.


Shows are big fun – they are like dozens of parties, crowded into a hotel. There is great music everywhere; each with interestingly different sound. We are especially excited to show at CAS because we are new to the Bay Area and are really looking forward to meeting our new neighbors.” – Neli Davis, Audio Federation.


You have the opportunity to spend more time with the attendees.” – Carolyn Counnas, Zesto Audio.


VSA is eager to support all audio shows; regardless of size, that celebrates the hobby we enjoy and hopefully introduces fellow music lovers to high-end audio. That and we value the personal interaction.” – Leif Swanson, Von Schweikert Audio.


The opportunity to spend added time with customers, helping them to fully explore and appreciate the musical experience that Destination Audio products can deliver.” – Arthur Smuck, Destination Audio.


Regional shows offer both exhibitors and visitors the chance to connect with each other and listen in a more relaxed and congenial atmosphere. Catching up with friends and customers (which are usually one and the same!) is always enjoyable and at smaller, more intimate shows like CAS, it’s always a more pleasurable experience.” – Martin Grennall, Audio Note UK.

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