CAS8 Equipment List



The following is a list of equipment to be demonstrated at CAS8 and eligible for the CAS Awards. Equipment must be on this list to be eligible.

Details are posted when supplied by Exhibitors. Links are included where the product page is available.

Please note some equipment may be on static display only.

Vote! Visit the CAS Awards official page for complete instructions.

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Official CAS acoustic treatment




(Listed alphabetically)

  1. Angel City Audio Seraphim Prime speakers ($25,000/pair). Boardroom 4
  2. Aurender A10 streamer/DAC combo. Boardroom 2, Room 5220
  3. CMS Sotto Voce rack/vibration management with Center Stage footers. Room 5220
  4. HD Cable Design PowerSlave Marble power distributor ($16,500). Boardroom 2. 
  5. MasterBuilt Audio cables system. Room 5220
  6. Mojo Audio Annapurna 20B Headphone/Pre Amplifier, $14,999.95. HAR 1, Booth 4
  7. Mojo Audio Deja Vu Music Server Windows 10, $4,555.55. HAR 1, Booth 4
  8. Mojo Audio Mystique v3 DAC Balanced, $7,555.55. HAR 1, Booth 4
  9. Stage III Gorgon interconnects ($8,300/pair XLR). Boardroom 2
  10. Stage III Kraken power cable ($8,400/1.5m). Boardroom 2
  11. Stage III Leviathan power cable ($14,500/1.5m). Boardroom 2
  12. Stage III Medusa speaker cables ($18,500/pair). Boardroom 2
  13. Stage III Proteus power cable ($12,000/1.5m). Boardroom 2
  14. TriangleArt Apollo moving-coil cartridge ($8,000). Boardroom 4
  15. TriangleArt Maestro turntable ($7,500). Boardroom 4
  16. TriangleArt Master Reference turntable system ($39,999). Boardroom 3, 4
  17. TriangleArt Osiris II tonearm ($6,800). Boardroom 4
  18. TriangleArt Reference Tube Phono stage ($12,999). Boardroom 4
  19. TriangleArt Reference Tube preamp ($18,999). Boardroom 4
  20. TriangleArt Rhea Reference cable system. Boardroom 4
  21. TriangleArt TA-200M solid-state monoblocks ($45,000/pair). Boardroom 4
  22. Von Schweikert Audio E3 MkII ($8,000/pair). Room 5220
  23. Wilson Benesch Endeavor stand-mounted Isobaric monitor ($50,000/pair). Boardroom 2
  24. Wilson Benesch R1 carbon fiber rack ($8,500 per module). Boardroom 2
  25. Ypsilon Aelius II push-pull hybrid monoblocks ($39,000/pair). Boardroom 2
  26. Ypsilon DAC 1000 non-upsampling non-oversampling valve D/A converter ($29,000). Boardroom 2
  27. Ypsilon PST-100 MkII combo valve/transformer preamp ($37,000). Boardroom 2


Voting guidelines:

Vote count: 2 – per Member of the Press, 1 – per Attendee. Vote allowance: 1 vote allowed per Type per person.

1 Ballot card per person.


Type I – Most Innovative Product. Awarded to the Exhibitor with the most innovative, yet practical product.

Type II – Best Industrial Design. Awarded to the Exhibitor with the most aesthetically captivating product.

Type III – Best Value Component. An original design at the lowest price point with a performance that would allow it to seamlessly fit into the best of systems.

Type IV – The Ultimate Component. Who cares if it costs $1,000 or $100,000? It is simply the best in its class.

Type V – Best System Performance. Awarded to the room with the best sonic performance and/or musicality.