CAS7 System Details, Bldg V, 2nd Floor

The following is a list of equipment to be demonstrated on the 2nd Floor in Bldg V.

Details are posted when supplied by Exhibitors. Links are included where the product page is available.

Extended evening demo hours are indicated where applicable.

Please note some equipment may be on static display only.

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Official CAS acoustic treatment





Room 5201: High Fidelity Cables

Room 5203: Zesto Audio / Marten Speakers / Fono-Acustica Cables / Merrill-Williams turntable

Room 5205: Eficion

Room 5207: Burwell & Sons Speakers (2nd Room)

  • Main Room: Pacific Room, Bldg IV
  • Details to come

Room 5209: LX Speaker Factory

Room 5216: Volti Audio / Border Patrol / Triode Wires Lab

Evening hours: 8-10p, Friday 7/28 & Saturday 7/29

Room 5218: Fritz Speakers / Channel D / Parasound / WyWires

Room 5220: Pass Laboratories (2nd Room)

Room 5222: Napa Acoustic

  • Napa Acoustic NA-300A Class AB hybrid & Class D switchable integrated amp
  • Napa Acoustic panel speaker (to be unveiled at CAS7)
  • Napa Acoustic acoustic panels (to be unveiled at CAS7)

Room 5224: Tannoy

Room 5226: Audio Note UK / True Sound

Room 5229: Exogal

Room 5231: Spatial Audio Lab / Vinnie Rossi


Update: 7/25/2017