CAS7 System Details, Bldg V, 1st Floor

The following is a list of equipment to be demonstrated on the 1st Floor in Bldg V.

Details are posted when supplied by Exhibitors. Links are included where the product page is available.

Please note some equipment may be on static display only.

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Official CAS acoustic treatment


Boardroom I: Genesis Advanced Technologies / Syncopation / Profundo Distribution

Boardroom II: Margules Group

Boardroom III: PureAudioProjects / Verastarr Cables / Whammerdyne Heavy Industries

BoardRoom IV: Sound Lab / Pass Laboratories / Lotus Group USA / Spiral Groove

Boardroom V: Audio Federation / Acapella Audio Arts / Audio Note UK

Empire Room: Pass Laboratories / Zu Audio

Forum Room: Martin Logan / MIT Cables / Pass Laboratories / Aurender

Pacific Room (Bldg IV): Burwell & Sons Speakers

California Room (Bldg IV): Von Schweikert Audio / VAC / MasterBuilt / ASC


2nd Floor

Updated: 7/22/2017