CAS7 Prize “Winners”


9 Winners of the CAS7 Giveaway were randomly chosen from all our online ticket purchasers prior to the opening of the show and were notified to claim the prizes. All 9 prizes were subjected to random selection. Then, 1 winner was disqualified as he turned out to be an exhibitor. The last person to draw between two last remaining prizes, namely the ASC TubeTraps and the Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star moving-coil cartridge was Chris Becker. He drew the ASC TubeTraps. The Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star is now available for the 2018 CAS8 Prize Giveaway drawing. The following is a list of the eight 2017 CAS7 winners. Our congratulations to them!

Zephyr MIMC Star moving iron cartridge, $1,999 – NO WINNER.


ChannelD Lino MC Phono Preamp, $1,448 – Wayman Wong (Winner, left), Constantine Soo (CAS Producer, right)


Oppo Sonica WiFi Speaker, $299 – Gary Agostini (Winner, left), Constantine Soo (middle), Jason Liao (Oppo)


Oppo Sonica Wifi Speaker, $299 – Man Kit Fong (Winner, right), Constantine Soo (CAS Producer, left)


Oppo Sonica Wifi Speaker, $299 – Laura Douglas-Fred Olson (Winner, center), Constantine Soo (CAS Producer, left), Jason Liao (Oppo, right)


Oppo Sonica Wifi Speaker, $299 – Joshua Rao (Winner, right), Constantine Soo (CAS Producer, left)


ASC TubeTraps 13×3 IsoThermal TubeTraps (bass trap/treble diffusor), $998/pair – Chris Becker (Winner, left), Constantine Soo (CAS Producer, middle), Art Noxon (ASC TubeTraps, president, right)


MartinLogan Bravado Wireless Speaker, $699.95 each – Maxim Shatsky (Winner, center) with Constantine Soo (left) and Peter Soderberg of MartinLogan (right)


Audioengine HDP6 passive Bookshelf Speakers, $499 per pair – James Liu (Winner, left), Constantine Soo (CAS Producer, right)


  • Gary Agostini
  • Chris Becker
  • Laura Douglas
  • Man Kit Fong
  • James Liu
  • Joshua Rao
  • Maxim Shatsky
  • Wayman Wong


See everyone at CAS8!