CAS7 Equipment List

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The following is a list of equipment to be demonstrated at CAS7 and eligible for the CAS Awards. Equipment must be on this list to be eligible.

Details are posted when supplied by Exhibitors. Links are included where the product page is available.

Please note some equipment may be on static display only.

Vote! Visit the CAS Awards official page for complete instructions.

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Official CAS acoustic treatment




(Listed alphabetically)

Bldg V (unless otherwise indicated in Bldg IV)

  1. Acapella Audio Arts Cellini High. Boardroom V.
  2. Acapella Audio Arts LaMusika integrated amplifier. Boardroom V.
  3. Air Tight ATC-2 preamplifier. Boardroom IV.
  4. Air Tight ATE-2005 phono stage. Boardroom IV.
  5. Artesania Audio Exoteryc 3+3 tandem Rack. California Room, Bldg IV.
  6. Artesania Audio Exoteryc 4-shelf Rack. California Room, Bldg IV.
  7. Artesania Audio Exoteryc Aire Platform monoblock. California Room, Bldg IV.
  8. Artesania Audio Exoteryc Turntable Platform. California Room, Bldg IV.
  9. ASC-TubeTraps IsoThermal TubeTraps 13×4. California Room, Bldg IV.
  10. ASC-TubeTraps IsoThermal TubeTraps 20×4. California Room, Bldg IV.
  11. Audeze EL8 OPEN. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  12. Audeze EL8 TITANIUM. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  13. Audeze iSINE10. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  14. Audeze iSINE20. HeadMasters. Bldg IV.
  15. Audeze LCD2. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  16. Audeze LCD3. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  17. Audio Note AN-E SPe High-Efficiency Hemp loudspeakers. Room 5226.
  18. Audio Note AN-TT Two Deluxe turntable. Room 5226.
  19. Audio Note Arm Three Mark II tonearm. Room 5226.
  20. Audio Note CDT-One Mark II CD transport. Room 5226.
  21. Audio Note CDT Five digital transport. Boardroom V.
  22. Audio Note Conqueror Silver Signature power amplifier. Room 5226.
  23. Audio Note DAC 2.1x Signature D-to-A converter. Room 5226.
  24. Audio Note DAC Five Signature. Boardroom V.
  25. Audio Note IQ3 moving magnet cartridge. Room 5226.
  26. Audio Note M6 Phono preamplifier. Room 5226.
  27. Audio Note interconnect and speaker cables. Room 5226.
  28. Aurender A10 Caching Network Music Server/Player. Forum Room.
  29. Aurender N10 Music Server, California Room, Bldg IV.
  30. Benz-Micro cartridge. Room 5203.
  31. BorderPatrol DAC SE. Room 5216.
  32. BorderPatrol P21EXD power amplifier. Room 5216.
  33. Burwell & Sons Plain Jane horn speakers. Pacific Room, Bldg IV.
  34. Channel D Lino phono preamplifier. Room 5218.
  35. Channel D Pure Vinyl and Pure Music computer audio software, Room 5218.
  36. Channel D Seta phono preamplifier. Room 5218.
  37. Chord Dave. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  38. Chord Hugo 2. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  39. Chord Mojo. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  40. Eficion F250 Air Motion Transformer speaker system. Room 5205.
  41. Exemplar Audio eXception SE Linestage. Room 5205.
  42. Exogal Comet Plus DAC. Boardroom III.
  43. Exogal Comet/Ion PowerDAC. Room 5229.
  44. Fono Acustica Cables. Room 5203.
  45. Fritz Carrera BE bookshelf. Room 5218.
  46. Funk Firm turntable with Transfiguration cartridge. Boardroom I.
  47. Genesis Advanced Technologies Maestro speaker system. Boardroom I. U.S. official debut.
  48. Genesis Phono Preamplifier. Boardroom I.
  49. Grand Prix Audio 18 x 19 x 1.5 Formula Platform. Forum Room.
  50. Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular 4 Shelf Isolation system with Formula Shelf upgrade. Forum Room.
  51. Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Amp Stands (2). Forum Room.
  52. Harmonic Resolution Systems isolation bases. Boardroom V.
  53. Heed Abacus DAC. Boardroom I.
  54. Heed Thesis Gamma stereo amplifier. Boardroom I.
  55. Heed Thesis Lambda linestage. Boardroom I.
  56. Heed Obelisk DT digital transport. Boardroom I.
  57. J Corder rebuilt Technics 1520 reel-to-reel tape deck. California Room, Bldg IV.
  58. Kronos Audio Black Beauty tonearm. California Room, Bldg IV.
  59. Kronos Audio Pro turntable. California Room, Bldg IV.
  60. Kronos Audio SCPS-1 Power Supply. California Room, Bldg IV.
  61. Lampizator Golden Gate DAC. California Room, Bldg IV.
  62. Line Magnetic LM-502CA DAC. Room 5205.
  63. LXmini. Room 5209.
  64. LXmini Open Baffle Subwoofer. Room 5209.
  65. LXmini Sealed Subwoofer. Room 5209.
  66. Margules Magenta BTV4 wireless receiver. Boardroom II.
  67. Margules Magenta DAC-2.1. Boardroom II.
  68. Margules Magenta FZ47dB pre-phono. Boardroom II.
  69. Margules Magenta TT-10 turntable. Boardroom II.
  70. Margules Monolith Console. Boardroom II.
  71. Margules Orpheus speakers. Boardroom II.
  72. Margules SF-220 Black tube preamplifier. Boardroom II.
  73. Margules u-280sc Black tube Class A amplifier. Boardroom II.
  74. Marten Django L speakers. Room 5203.
  75. Martin Logan Neolith electrostatic speakers. Forum Room.
  76. MasterBuilt Audio Ultra Line cable system. California Room, Bldg IV.
  77. Merrill-Williams turntable. Room 5203.
  78. Minidsp 4×10 hd. Room 5209.
  79. Minidsp 2×4 hd. Room 5209.
  80. MIT Cables Oracle ACC 206 Speaker interfaces. Forum Room.
  81. MIT Cables Oracle SHD XLR interfaces. Forum Room.
  82. MIT Cables Z-Cord Reference power cords. Forum Room.
  83. MIT Cables Z Powerbar power filter and AC distribution. Forum Room.
  84. Mr Speakers Aeon. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  85. Mr Speakers Ether Flow. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  86. Mr Speakers Ether C Flow. HeadMasters, Bldg IV.
  87. Napa Acoustic NA-300A Class AB hybrid & Class D switchable integrated amp. Room 5222.
  88. Napa Acoustic Series 3 planar speakers. Room 5222.
  89. Oppo Digital UDP-205 4K Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player. Pacific Room (Bldg IV), Room 5205 (Bldg V).
  90. Ortofon Cadenza cartridge. Room 5203.
  91. Parasound Halo A21 amplifier. Room 5218.
  92. Parasound Halo Integrated amplifier. Room 5218.
  93. Pass Laboratories HPA-1 headphone amp, Room 5220.
  94. Pass Laboratories X250.8 power amplifier. Empire Room.
  95. Pass Laboratories X350.8 stereo amplifier. Boardroom IV.
  96. Pass Laboratories X600.8 monoblock amplifiers. Forum Room.
  97. Pass Laboratories XA25 power amplifier. Room 5220.
  98. Pass Laboratories XA30.8 power amplifier. Empire Room.
  99. Pass Laboratories XP-15 phono stage. Empire Room.
  100. Pass Laboratories XP-20 2-chassis preamplifier. Empire Room.
  101. Pass Laboratories XP-30 preamplification system. Forum Room.
  102. Plinius SA103 power amplifier. Room 5205.
  103. PranaWire Avatar interconnect, speaker and power cable. Boardroom IV.
  104. PranaWire Cosmos interconnect and power cable. Boardroom IV.
  105. PranaWire Kensho interconnect. Boardroom IV.
  106. PranaWire Linebacker Sovereign power conditioner. Boardroom IV.
  107. PranaWire Linebacker XE power conditioner. Boardroom IV.
  108. PranaWire MahaSamadhi power cable. Boardroom IV.
  109. PranaWire Nataraja interconnect. Boardroom IV.
  110. Prima Luna DiaLogue Premium HP integrated amplifier. Room 5224.
  111. PureAudioProject PAP-C1 custom active analog crossover. Boardroom III. U.S. official debut.
  112. PureAudioProject Quintet15 open baffle speaker system. Boardroom III. U.S. official debut.
  113. Raspberry Pi with Moode Audio music server. Room 5209.
  114. Sound Lab Ultimate U-545 electrostatic speaker system. Boardroom IV. U.S. official debut.
  115. Spatial Audio M3 Triode Master open baffle speakers. Room 5231.
  116. Spatial Audio Speaker Cables. Room 5231.
  117. Spectral Audio Reference CD Processor System. Forum  Room.
  118. Spiral Groove Revolution turntable and Centroid tonearm. Boardroom IV.
  119. Stillpoints Racks. Room 5203.
  120. Tannoy Legacy Eaton bookshelf speakers, Room 5224.
  121. Transfiguration Diamond Proteus cartridge. Boardroom I.
  122. Trenner & Friedl Osiris speakers. Boardroom I.
  123. Triode Wire Labs American Speaker Cables. Room 5216.
  124. Triode Wire Labs Digital American digital power cords. Room 5216.
  125. Triode Wire Labs High Power Digital American power cables. Room 5216.
  126. Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus 7AWG power cord. Room 5216.
  127. Triode Wire Labs Spirit RCA. Room 5216.
  128. Triode Wire Labs Spirit 75 SPDIF. Room 5216.
  129. Triode Wire Labs Split Power and Data USB, Room 5216.
  130. Tri-Planar Tonearms. Room 5203.
  131. VAC Statement 450 iQ monoblocks. California Room, Bldg IV.
  132. VAC Statement Line Stage. California Room, Bldg IV.
  133. VAC Statement Phono Stage. California Room, Bldg IV.
  134. Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Symphony Edition speakers. Room 5220.
  135. Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amp with DSD/PCM DAC. Room 5231.
  136. Viva Aurora monoblock amplifiers. Boardroom I.
  137. Viva Linea Stereo 2-chassis linestage. Boardroom I.
  138. Volti Audio Rival horn speakers. Room 5216.
  139. Von Schweikert Audio Shockwave V12 subwoofer(for active room correction). California Room, Bldg IV.
  140. Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 11 loudspeaker. California Room, Bldg IV.
  141. VPI Vanquish turntable with Transfiguration Diamond Proteus cartridge. Boardroom I.
  142. Whammerdyne Truth 2a3 tube amplifier, Boardroom III.
  143. Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2v2. Room 5209.
  144. Wyred 4 Sound MC7150 amplifier. Room 5209.
  145. Zesto Audio Eros monoblocks. Room 5203.
  146. Zesto Leto 1.5 Line Amp. Room 5203.
  147. Zesto Tessera Phonostage. Room 5203.
  148. ZYX Audio Ultimate 4D cartridge. California Room, Bldg IV.


Last update: 7/25/2017


Voting guidelines:

Vote count: 2 – per Member of the Press, 1 – per Attendee. Vote allowance: 1 vote allowed per Type per person.

1 Ballot card per person.


Type I – Most Innovative Product. Awarded to the Exhibitor with the most innovative, yet practical product.

Type II – Best Industrial Design. Awarded to the Exhibitor with the most aesthetically captivating product.

Type III – Best Value Component. An original design at the lowest price point with a performance that would allow it to seamlessly fit into the best of systems.

Type IV – The Ultimate Component. The cost-no-object design that is sonically superior over others.

Type V – Best System Performance. Awarded to the room with the best sonic performance and/or musicality.