CAS7 BLDG IV, Pacific & California Rooms

Building IV:

  • CAS Registrar
  • CAS Awards Ballot Box
  • HeadMasters: Booths for headphones and related products
  • Viva Vinyl!: Booths for record labels and retailers
  • Pacific Room: Burwell & Sons / Rogers High Fidelity / Oppo Digital
  • California Room: Von Schweikert Audio / VAC / MasterBuild / ASC-TubeTras
  • Friday Evening Jazz Concert: Hump Day Jazz with Allen Perkins
  • C-ZR CQ acrylic artwork exhibit, featuring 8-17 layered acrylic paintings of Music Legends on canvas


Details are posted when supplied by Exhibitors. Links are included where the product page is available.

Please note some equipment may be on static display only.

Vote! Visit the CAS Awards official page for instructions.

Also see List of Companies.

Official CAS acoustic treatment



HeadMasters (International Ballroom)

Audio Vision SF:

ESS Labs (Saturday only)

Oppo Digital (Saturday only)

Schiit (Saturday only)

Blue Coast Records

Reference Recordings

Viva Vinyl! (International Ballroom)

Audio Nerd

Music Rarities


Pacific Room: Burwell & Sons Speakers

California Room: Von Schweikert Audio / VAC / MasterBuilt / ASC


Updated: 7/24/2017